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Working through the noise. You’re not the BBC and that’s good!

There will come a time in your podcasting journey when, as a listener, you hear a huge promotion by a behemoth. This can be disheartening. A massive old world media company has decided to launch into the podcasting sphere. “Oh no, I’m about to be swamped. No one will ever hear my shoe!” or something similar will run through your mind.

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Intro and Outro – how much is enough?

First impressions count! We might not like it but there you are. We must deal with reality as we find it. What’s to be done?

Intros come in a variety of flavours. There’s the straight into the show, no music, no hello, nothing type of Intro. These can be a bit brutal. The other extreme is the three plus minutes of music with or without a voice over followed by a round up of where the hosts have been, what’s been going on in their minds and what they had for breakfast. Continue reading →