Dealing With Life When It Interrupts Podcasting.

This is a variation on the workflow post (here) but there is more to it than that. The question this title raises is this: Is podcasting a thing, a purpose, a reason for getting out of bed? For most indie podcasters – yes! But life happens.

In my case for the first time in my life, I developed laryngitis eight months into my podcasting journey. Yes, that right, into the swing of audio creativity, based on my voice and laryngitis. For three weeks I had no voice. Numbers were just starting to build, momentum was growing. A disaster! Not quite. Two months earlier I’d heard a podcast about podcasting, I can’t recall which one, suggest we needed a few reserve episodes up our sleeves for just such an occasion.

Now as a news based podcast, loosely, World Organic News attempts to be current. It was and is about organic methods of production. I’d found some old articles I’d written for “Grass Roots.” an Australian, hands on organic magazine. So I recorded two of these, prepared for publication and uploaded as drafts to my host. There they sat.

I started these episodes with an intro along the lines of: “If you’re hearing this episode, there’s been a snafu in the process so here’s something I think you’ll find useful.” The numbers plateaued but the show lived on. I missed one episode but my listeners continued to receive some material.

If you can have a few of these episodes up your sleeve. They can be a great stress relief.

Another strategy that works is replaying your best performing episodes. This must be done with a light touch. I know of shows that continually re-run old episodes and it’s very annoying. If the material that good, I’ll re-listen immediately or save the episode for later. As a stop gap though, a re-run can work.

The only other time I’ve been caught short was while I was traveling. In this case I was fortunate to have been part of a new show launch that was in a similar genre. The producer of that show generously allowed me to use their first episode to fill my scheduling gap.

Other safety nets include co-hosts. A friend and co-host was dealing with one of those things that crop up in life and was unable to co-host. I filled in for them, it was our third or fourth show so was it important to keep the schedule going. It happened to be the episode Apple dropped into “New and Noteworthy” but I didn’t know this, to start with. I simply thought I was a podcasting genius. Most of those listeners didn’t stick around. That’s what happens with “New and Noteworthy” and will be the subject of an upcoming post.

The point is that the show went on! We didn’t miss a step early in the show’s history. It’s still running a couple a years later.



  • Have “spare” episodes up your sleeve.
  • Re-run popular episodes.
  • Have someone who can jump into the breach.