Working With Me

Are you running a disability service looking for great people?
Are you worried about how your service can stand out in the world of NDIS funded services?
Would you like clients and staff looking for your service?
Are you using the same job ads, putting them in the same places and getting the same results?
Do you know about podcasts but not sure of how they work, what they bring?
Would you like a complete end to end media option highlighting the quality of your staff and the differences you make in your client’s lives while building one to one connections with potential clients and staff?
A strategic partner to consult, create and publish (you retain the copyright!) a season of podcast episodes every quarter of the year. That you can use forever in your recruitment processes, marketing and promotions?
If so, I can help
I’m so passionate about the impact of great disability services and the differences they make for both clients and staff.
Everything I have learned from:
20 years on the front line and in leadership roles in the disability sector, over 6 years and more than a thousand podcast episodes come together to create a service for the disability sector: JM Podcasting Services.
Building authority, intimacy and presence through podcasting is a long term way to introduce your service to potential clients and staff. A beacon, a lighthouse, if you like, displaying your service’s ethos, differences and the outcomes you achieve for clients and staff.
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What You Provide:

Trailer Transcript and audio file in .wav (with the assistance of JM Podcasting Services)
Podcast Artwork
Promotion through media networks: emails, socials, press release(s).
Space on Kin’s website for transcripts and show notes.
Eight to ten audio files in .wav (with the assistance of JM Podcasting Services)

What JM Podcasting Services Provides:

Mechanics of Podcasting Video
Mic use video
List of easy to use mics
Zoom coaching session on questions from videos and mic suggestions.
A Gdrive folder to share audio files
Produced trailer episode
Trailer published to host
Setup Apple Podcasts Connect and Google Podcast Manager for podcast
Edit, post production and publish 8 episodes as per attached schedule.

What You Receive over 13 weeks:

Coaching on mic use
Published trailer episode for promotion
8 to 10 published episodes as per agreeded schedule
IAB statistics from host
Marketing presence online
Brand recognition and authority

What JM Podcasting Services Receives:

End of Week 2 $2860
End of Week 5 $2750
End of Week 9 $2750
End of Week 13 $2750
Total: $10,100 + $1,010(GST) = $11,110
Equivalent of 25 hrs/week @ SACS 3 without Super, Holidays, etc.