Leveraging Your Podcast Success

Authority, authenticity and reality are the key hallmarks of a successful podcast. Funnily enough, these are also attributes for a successful life. It is not a small jump from podcast to other areas of your life.

A common first step is into teaching podcasting to students. This usually follows the “help friends first”, run face to face classes and finally develop an online course. You may never move beyond the teach friends stage and that’s fine too.

The online course thing can be tricky. The urge is to create the entire from go to whoa experience. This is dangerous! It takes a huge effort to do right. A better strategy is focus on a smaller portion of the process. Editing in a particular audio tool, Garageband or Adobe or even Hindenburg Journalist. All these are great for short courses.

You could specialise in teaching people about mics. Microphone choice, setup, usage and maintenance would make good short courses.

Another area you could explore with your podcast as your CV is public speaking. Having established yourself as an expert in your chosen podcast niche, you can reach out to conference planners, industry bodies, hobby groups, Lions, Rotary and so on. These may not be paid gigs to start with but they could be.

Schools may be interested in both the podcasting medium and the niche you’re working in. Providing free content can seem a chore but you started podcasting knowing this. You started because you have a passion for what your show covers.

Taking it to the world in other media exposes your passion to new audiences.

Don’t forget to link your show back to your website! This the where you can set up affiliate links, your book sales and your courses. The website will also drive people to your podcast. This might seem like cannibalism but different searches will point people to different resources. By having the website, podcast, Facebook Page, twitter, tumblr and etc and etc pointing back to either website of the podcast you capture as many people searching your niche as possible. Then you give them value and the possibilities open from there.


  • Authority, Authenticity, Reality.
  • Think of related services you can offer: courses?
  • Link back to your website ~ affiliate sales, your books, your services.