Personal Branding

In some sense, this is the default setting for podcasting. Your voice, your words, your passion are all expressed through the medium.

Even if you only run interview episodes, you are revealing yourself through your questions. Listeners will know if you did your research or not. There is very little space to hide in podcasting. This is a great thing and, as I said above, means personal branding is almost the default setting for podcasting.

Think about how you feel about the hosts of the podcasts to which you listen. Do you quote them in conversation? (Acknowledged or not!) I know I do. The expertise these fellow podcasters share is invaluable. The point being we are, especially as indie podcasters, building a personal brand.

Now I also listen to some shows by organisations. One in particular out of Melbourne is using their podcast to push their media/advertising brand. This takes an effort and must be continually reinforced. With the solopreneur, thought leader, influencer or whatever term you apply to yourself, know that each and every word you utter is being added to your personal brand.

It is as I say the default setting for podcasting in general, and indie podcasting in particular. This is a great thing. Use the same pics across your podcast logo, website, youtube channel and so on. Use the same voice across all your ecosystems and the power and authority of your podcasting voice will amplify all your our channels.

It is, therefore, important that you pick the tone of voice you want to project to the world. Will you be using explicit language in your flower arranging podcast? Maybe but only do so because there’s a point to doing so. Explicit for its own sake is a bit sad really. (Now get off the lawn!)

The intentionality of your approach will be reflected in the image you project. (Yes there are a few directional metaphors there.) The usual advice about just being yourself avoids the obvious fact that you and I project a different aspect of ourselves in different contexts. I’m unlikely to use the same language a friend’s funeral as I would at a sporting event (though I might) but you get the picture.



  • As an indie podcaster you are building a personal brand
  • Choose your words carefully
  • Choose your tone to match your words
  • Use your podcast derived personal brand to power your other media