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Basic Mic Instructions

The world of microphones can be as esoteric as Oldsmobile tail light designs from the 1940s. Those that care, really care. Those that don’t, don’t.

I see a microphone as one of a few tools I need to publish my podcast episodes. Along with a recording space, an audio editor and Auphonic, I use a digital audio recorder as my mic. I love the Zoom H2n. But for all it’s wonderful characteristics, it’s still just a fancy mic. Continue reading →

Batch production?

This comes up from time to time when I’m discussing workflow with my students. The questions to consider are similar to the ones discussed in the how many episodes to launch with post: here.

Batch production, just so we’re all on the same page, is the process of recording, post producing and scheduling a number a episodes in one go. So a daily meditation show could batch produce a week’s work on Friday and schedule them daily for the next week. Continue reading →