Tasmania’s North Coast: Burnie to Flinders Island


Episode Content
Trailer Re-learning to sail
1 Definitions: Dinghy, Oars, Engines/Motors, Pram Bow, Bemudan, Gaff, Lug, Junk
2 The Anatomy of a Sailing Boat: Understanding the Different Parts and Their Functions
3 To Buy or Build. New, Used or Free. Mirrors, Skylarks, Enterprise and Tenders
4 Weathering the Storm: Basic Techniques for Handling Rough Waters, Bass Strait
5 Navigation – Map Reading at Sea: Tools, Toys and Skills
6 Anchors from stones to steel
7 Sailing etiquette
8 Knowing the ropes, three sheets to the wind!
9 Safety
10 Decision
11 Next Season: Actually getting on the water