Batch production?

This comes up from time to time when I’m discussing workflow with my students. The questions to consider are similar to the ones discussed in the how many episodes to launch with post: here.

Batch production, just so we’re all on the same page, is the process of recording, post producing and scheduling a number a episodes in one go. So a daily meditation show could batch produce a week’s work on Friday and schedule them daily for the next week.

Much of the consideration comes down to the type of show you’re running. News shows tend to not be suited to this idea. Current affairs shows would also not be a good fit. If you’re producing a history show, then this would be an ideal practice. Research for three days, script writing for a day, four episodes into the can and there’s your month’s worth of episodes done in a week. Equally well suited are interview shows that are not time dependant.

Batch production is best suited to the not time dependant genre of podcasts.

So what’s involved if you decide to go down this route?

You must be organised. Pick a day and block it out for recording, editing and scheduling. This can be a month in advance if you’ve got your act together. This is one of the benefits of batch production. You have a built in safety net in your life. Should things happen, holidays, bereavements, illness, you have episodes in the can and ready to go.

It also allows you to “specialise” in a sense. A few hours recording, a few editing and so on. This allows you to become more skilled in each area of the process by doing it for longer times in one go. This may be a turn off for some but for many it is a way to improve skills.


  • This is a process that might work for you
  • It is NOT suited to current affairs type shows
  • It can allow you to skill up in the areas of podcasting
  • It can provide a safety net with episodes in the can