When the ship hits the sand

When it all turns to kak what do you do?

Let me tell you a tale.

A couple of weeks ago I had an episode recorded, edited and ready for post production polishing. I was also just back in the country and running on a pre-paid phone plan and staying in a house without an internet connection. The phone being a sufficient tool for the home owner. My bandwidth was approaching zero. Off to a well known fast food supplier with free wi-fi but with free you get what you pay for.

So the upload to Auphonic was taking way too long. I cancelled that, downloaded an mp3 version from Garageband and uploaded that, or so I thought. It turned out I’d only uploaded 2 minutes, for some reason. This I discovered when I went to listen to the episode as I and you always subscribe to our own shows.

So back into Garageband and drop the mp3 version again. This time the entire episode. Listened on the app, arghhhhh. Vile. So I dropped the mp3 version into Auphonic, much quicker upload. Auphonic generally prefers the highest quality audio you’ve got. I used mp3 for other reasons and it worked.

At the thirst attempt and reloading to my host, replacing previous audio files, I had a full length episode that didn’t sound like I was variously yelling and then whispering and then standing in the rain. I had an episode that worked.

The point of this long winded explanation is to say. One, subscribe to your own show so you know if there’s a problem and Two, just keep going till you have it fixed. If necessary, I was considering pulling the whole episode until the next day when I’d had time to think about it. As it turned out I was only a few hours later than usual that an acceptable version hit the feed.



  • Things sometimes go wrong
  • This will be at the most inconvenient time
  • Just keep fixing whatever is the most pressing issue
  • Consider delaying your episode
  • Just keep going