Audiograms and the passion for audio!

When the excitement for audio becomes an obsession any form can feed the fix.

Chasing that dragon though can lead to a waste of your time and effort. There are any number options for putting your audio out into the world.

Audiograms are a particularly seductive option.

Look at me, I do a podcast and here’s a little snippet to whet your appetite!

It turns out most listeners don’t give a toss that you can produce audio in any number of forms. They want to hear your podcast, if it interests them. They’ll listen to an episode to decide if it’s for them. Audiograms, other snippets or sound bites are irrelevant to them.

Your show, your artwork and your words will attract people, not endless little audio tasters.

The logic of these things seems obvious: I do a podcast, you can hear a bit, you’ll love it and subscribe.

Speaking to those in the space, no one has ever seen an increase in downloads following the production of an audiogram. It just doesn’t work. This is a shame as it is a way of using already developed skills to promote your main content yet it just doesn’t work!

Do not fall for this. Use your time to improve your show, to write better show notes, to better understand your mic and to find inspiration and creative content. You know, the things that actually make your show better.

Podcasting is a long game. Gradual improvement over time is what works not audio gimmicks.


  • Don’t make audiograms, they don’t bring listeners.
  • Focus on the things that matter.
  • Improve your show notes, mic technique and content.