What happens when they find out I’m a fraud?

OMG! I really don’t know what I’m talking about and certainly don’t know what I’m doing with the tech.

None of us knows everything about a niche. Even our own niche. There’s a quote which I can’t find but heard on a science podcast somewhere that goes a little like this:
Reporter: I understand you are one of only two people on Earth who can explain this aspect of quantum physics.

Scientist: [Pauses] I can’t think who the other person would be!

Now that’s a niche with one expert.

Most of us are not in this situation. We will make mistakes but we do know more about a subject we love than some people. These people are your audience.

Podcast audiences are, generally, very gentle with errors. They will point out mistakes, in private channels. You can then update your audience in your next episode.

The ‘fraud’ thing is a common fear. Sometimes called the imposter syndrome, even surgeons can suffer from it: link here.

The best way to overcome this is to keep going. You actually know more than you realise. A common story goes like this: This stuff is so simple for me, everyone else must already understand what I’m saying. Why would anyone bother to listen to me?

Here’s a clue I’ve discovered. If something seems easy to me and I enjoy the topic then it’s probably a thing I need to share. It is the clue that I have expert knowledge in this area.

This seems counterintuitive but actually is part of how the world works. Just because it comes easy to us does not mean it comes easy to everyone. Honour your “easy” knowings. They are the clue to your talents.

Now to the tech thing. Very few of us know what we are doing to begin with. After twenty or thirty odd episodes the tech fades into the background. It becomes second nature. We were worried but very few others will be.

Being on the lookout to improve sound quality as you go can become an obsession but doesn’t have to be. Just keep looking for little improvements over time and show will show it!


  • If you’re worried you aren’t good enough, you are!
  • Everyone worries about their abilities when they start something new.
  • If you aren’t concerned check the Dunning Kruger Effect and make adjustments.
  • Ease with the tech comes with familiarity.