Co-hosting ~ Some thoughts?

What are you trying to do? This will inform your search for a co-host. As a co-host myself I can tell you why I do it and this might help in your decision making process.

I co-host on two shows, The Real Food Chain and Permaculture Plus. I do so because a friend, Rich, asked me to. I accepted because, in many ways I am the ideal listener to these shows. That’s a clue. The ideal listener is a fan of the show, supports the ethos and thrust of the vision and brings a slightly different understanding from the producer. It reinforces the vision for the show.

I bring a different perspective to these shows from Rich. He comes at the visions from a suburban point of view and I bring a rural slant to the shows. He gardens, I’m setting up a small regenerative farm. You can see how these positions reinforce and support each other while giving a wider feel and depth to the shows.

Now there is another perspective I’ve seen. I observed an advertisement for a co-host. This went along the lines of: I need a new co-host, someone who will argue with me no matter what I say. The current co-host is too nice and accommodating. If that’s what you’re looking for then go for it. Conflict for its own sake to generate interest and comment.

This is not how I would do things but it is a legitimate form, particularly for political or sports based shows. I think there’s more than enough conflict in the world myself but that’s me.

Over time, life changes, co-hosts can come and go. Don’t be welded onto a particular person. The vision for your show can change too. This may necessitate a change in co-host or a need to bring in another. It’s your show, go with it.

The other advantage from a co-host is the generation of creative ideas. Having more than just yourself seems to create a total greater than the sum of its parts. Content ideas can be a stumbling block, at times. Two minds on the lookout for ideas is a helpful thing.

It may, with someone you don’t know that well, be necessary to have a written contract for a co-host. I’ll do this, you do that and so on. Especially if the show becomes a great success and the money starts to flow. As we, of certain age, know, nothing breaks up some friendships like money. Think of how a will tears certain families apart.


  • Find an ideal listener for your co-host
  • Bounce ideas off each other
  • Have a plan for when success comes knocking on your door
  • Think about “why?” when you are deciding on a co-host