Will We Turn People Off?

The thing with podcasting is its ability to connect with individuals. As if all the audio is just for the one listener. This connection has a reverse side too. Some people will not resonate with you nor your podcast. This is kind of the point. 

Your podcast, properly crafted, displays your values, ethos and mythos to the listening world. Then we have some people for whom this is not resonating, maybe even irritating, imagine how much real world time you’ll save with not onboarding clients or staff that rile against your vision.

The obverse side of that is, of course, the people who love your, well crafted, podcast already feel an affinity with service. This pool of people, be they potential staff, clients, parents/guardians or donors have found some connection with you and your organisation. Your podcast develops three key elements of marketing: people get to know you, like you and ultimately, trust you. 

These three elements develop as your podcast expresses your values; best of all through stories. People discover whom you are. As the podcast develops you’ll be able to let people know what you do, why you do it and how you do it. This can and perhaps, should, feed back into your organisation’s vision and mission statements, allowing the words to have life.

There are so many good news stories in every disability organisation. Even given privacy requirements, these stories don’t even have to focus on “disability” but on outcomes. I’ve run a Horticulture Program in the sector for three plus years. A little while back I had to miss a shift at short notice. My team leader covered for me. I should point out that I’m largely unsupervised in the program and we just get on with it. The point I’m getting to, eventually, is this: The clients just stepped up and ran the program for the day. Explaining to my team leader what they were doing and why and pointing out what she could do to help. This is the sort of good news story I’m talking about.

If you look about your service, there will be great news stories just waiting to be told. These are like podcast gold and that makes them authority building platinum. Share you triumphs and if they don’t resonate with some listeners, know they will with the people who need your service as they come to know, like and trust your organisation.


  • You can attract your people, even if they don’t know it yet
  • You repel those who don’t “get” what you’re doing
  • Your values are expressed through your podcast
  • Tell ’em what you do, why you it and how you do it