Podcasting: Tell your Organisation’s Story

You have a great service, you’re proud of your people, the lives you sustain. You have a story the world needs to hear!

There’s so much competition, all aiming to be known as the ”leading disability support service…”. Blah, blah, blah. you can do better than old fashioned corporate doublespeak. It’s all about show, don’t tell. Nothing does this better than a good podcast.

Imagine a way to connect with your current people that builds your authority in the sector, becomes a perpetual marketing tool and establishes you as a leader within the sector.

By drawing together management, staff, clients and parents/guardians to tell your story, you build credibility. Imagine having 50 episodes “in the can” and available for prospective clients and the parents/guardians to listen to. The triumphs, the goals met, the obstacles overcome and the lives changed for the better.

This would also be a great recruitment tool too. Your podcast sets the tone for your organisation. Allowing potential employees to experience your culture. Sorting those who resonate with the organisation’s ethos from those who do not. 

Your organisation’s podcast can do all these things and more. The unintended effects can sometimes be the greatest outcomes. The podcast series #Thanks Podcasting from the podcast host Libsyn has some of these stories. One amazing example is the stories of people who worked their way out of depression through the weekly routine of publishing an episode. It gave them a reason to get out of bed and set a platform for improved mental health 

The benefits are your organisation’s soft power in the marketplace. Authority established, through a long running, well produced and branded podcast (that commits to change) will do the intangible things that build reputation, interconnections, and loyalties.

Recording equipment isn’t a problem. Phones up to five years old have microphones that are more than sufficiently powerful to record material. This may include interviews with your clients, their parents/guardians, your staff and management and even your CEO. 

J M Podcasting Services can put these together into a coherent storyline. Editing, polishing audio, publishing and providing links for all your socials, allowing you to focus on delivering the great services you do. 

To capture the audio is a simple process of identifying wins for clients, goals achieved, friendships established and so on and using a simple free app on either apple or android phones. 

A few quick questions from staff and answers from clients. Some clients are able, very quickly, to riff off the top of their heads. Staff, management and executives can use the same app. A little planning, writing out a full script, using dot points or freestyling are all ways to capture the greatness and energy within your organisation. 

I have twenty years’ experience in the disability sector and six years in podcasting, so I can conduct interviews if required.

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