Podcasting REPPs

REPPs: Record, Edit, Publish, Promote! And, of course, repeat. 

The nature of repetition is that it’s repetitive. This may seem self evident but until you actually do it, it is not possible to unlock the wonders contained within.

Repetition is the pathway to mastery. As discussed in Continual Improvement, it is the little things, accumulated over time, that makes a difference. But, a bit like starting podcasting in the first instance, unless you do the repps, you don’t see where you can improve, continually.

As hinted at in the above paragraph, starting and repps are similar. In the doing things get done. Any number of practice episodes will have little effect upon your show other than removing some low hanging fruit.

Understanding that you need to record, edit, publish and promote every episode changes the mindset. It doesn’t, or didn’t for me, destroy the joy of podcasting. I still feel a frisson of excitement when the episode pops up in my podcatcher even though I understand the mechanics of the process, it still excites me.

The great thing about REPPs, once you come to accept them into your life (lol), is: they are liberating. They form the basis of your workflow. Understanding your workflow allows the REPPs to just happen.

I am fully aware of the circular nature of all these arguments but as I’ve stated elsewhere, until you do it you won’t understand. A frog cannot explain dry land to tadpoles, dry land must be experienced.

So too Podcasting.


  • Start your show by publishing
  • The process of keeping a show alive is: Record, Edit, Publish, Promote
  • Doing allows improvement
  • The process frees creativity