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Podcasting REPPs

REPPs: Record, Edit, Publish, Promote! And, of course, repeat. 

The nature of repetition is that it’s repetitive. This may seem self evident but until you actually do it, it is not possible to unlock the wonders contained within.

Repetition is the pathway to mastery. As discussed in Continual Improvement, it is the little things, accumulated over time, that makes a difference. But, a bit like starting podcasting in the first instance, unless you do the repps, you don’t see where you can improve, continually. Continue reading →

Launching strategies-one episode or fifty?

There are a few lines of thought on this. Having a number of episodes “in the can” does give the new producer a sense of accomplishment.

Equally having six months worth of episodes can be a draw back. Going live with your first episode and nothing ready for the next slot does sharpen the mind.

A few episodes held in readiness does give a bit a of a safety net. If life gets in the way, you have a few episodes up your sleeve before you need to hit the record button again. The danger of that is the dreaded podfade. Getting out of the production rhythm is fraught with dangers in the early stages of a podcasting adventure. Continue reading →