When Your Organisation Should NOT Start A Podcast

Reasons why your organisation should not start a podcast.

  • You want to hit a million downloads in the first three episodes.
  • Your organisation is not “all in”.
  • Only one executive/manager is on board.
  • You see your organisation’s podcast as an advertising tool rather than a marketing opportunity.

You can, I hope, see a pattern in these bullet points.

If you are not fully committed to the process and it does take resources, then you shouldn’t start a podcast. The attitude that this is way to riches misses the point. There are podcasters out there making a good living from podcasting. A little deeper investigation shows these shows have a serious back story. Either a long established, well supported blog, Insta account or Facebook page or a reputation of some sort is the perennial constant in these stories.

Another reason to not start a podcast is when you expect to be crowdfunded. This puts the cart before the horse. To be funded, we need to have provided value. People, except perhaps family but even then they are unlikely to hand over hard cash when you’ve produced three episodes and have asked each time for money. Think about your own situation. Have you ever handed over cash to a new project with so little evidence? Three episodes, I’ve heard people complain they aren’t having their costs met after three episodes, but anyway, three episodes and hardly any listeners and the podcast is killed off. 

This happens with some really good shows that could have been great. So if you’re not prepared to put in the time, add value, give value for free, simply because your organisation has a passion for what you are doing, don’t start. If you are all in, then commit to it. Understand that podcasting is a long term project. Branding and authority can’t be purchased, they can only be built over time, with giving of value. So don’t turn each episode into a 20-30 minute infomercial, tell the story of your clients, your people, your organisation, the differences you make in people’s lives and allow your listeners, your prospective clients, their parents and guardians to join the dots. 



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