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When will you start?

Despite the finality of the past two posts, Podfading and ending a show, today I want to address the problems, excuses and reasons why we fail to start our first shows.

Thinking back to the year between “I think I should do a podcast” and “There’s the first episode up and live.” the reasons for not starting were all a bit sad really. The primary reason, I told myself, was I just didn’t understand the mechanics of podcasting. You can learn this here (Blog post) and here (YouTube video) and here (Podcast). Continue reading →

Calls to Action: What to ask your audience

A call to action is a request to your listeners to perform an action. A lot of podcasters ask for ratings and reviews. I’m sceptical of the value of this. The usual claim is that this helps others to find us. When I think about how I find new podcasts, ratings and reviews don’t figure at all in my calculations. I go to search on the Podcast app and type in a name or a topic. From there I listen to an episode to see if I like what I hear. If there’s connection to those in the niche I’ll go iTunes and do a full search through there. Some of the best shows I listen to have or at the time of subscription, had not one rating nor any reviews. Continue reading →

Small Niche Audiences

This is, in some sense, the point of podcasting only more so!

Wait, what??? Don’t we need a bazillion listeners to a “success”?

We’ll see….

If we think of television and radio as broadcasting then podcasting is narrowcasting. Not everyone will want to hear what you have to say. Your topic will be of no interest. For those who do like your topic not everyone will take to you. This is a good thing. Continue reading →