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Podcasting REPPs

REPPs: Record, Edit, Publish, Promote! And, of course, repeat. 

The nature of repetition is that it’s repetitive. This may seem self evident but until you actually do it, it is not possible to unlock the wonders contained within.

Repetition is the pathway to mastery. As discussed in Continual Improvement, it is the little things, accumulated over time, that makes a difference. But, a bit like starting podcasting in the first instance, unless you do the repps, you don’t see where you can improve, continually. Continue reading →

Podcast Planning

Remember the six “P”s: Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Planning can cover a multitude of sins. From the minute by minute to the it’s all in my head variations the best system sits, probably, somewhere in the middle.

There are different plans for different stages of the podcast journey. Continue reading →

Podcasting Seasons?

“We had joy we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.” Welcome to today’s earworm.

Seasons though are a thing in podcasting. When they work really well for shows that cover a particular theme in each season. Shows like Serial claim to have started the trend but seasons had been around for a long time before that. US Public Radio claims many firsts for which they are not entitled. They are an example of the homogenising effects of large players I discussed in a previous post, here. Do not be fooled by these people. Podcasting is a groundbreaking medium populated by self indulgent types as well as those changing the world. Continue reading →

Never Forget! You own your feed! (do what you want)

This seems a little self evident but it is often forgotten. The homogenising effects of dominant styles or technologies can cripple creativity. We need to be vigilant.

Way back in the deep dark past there were more than one form of operating system for PCs. DR-DOS was one. MS-DOS became the dominant form because of the size of Microsoft in the market. Similarly VHS crushed Betamax as a video format in the home. Mills and Boon have their own formula for writing romantic novels. All other types tend to not be as successful. Continue reading →