S9 B2 Unlocking Employability: Benefits of Learning to Podcast

In today’s job market, possessing a diverse skill set is crucial. As job roles evolve, employers are increasingly seeking candidates with a blend of technical proficiency and creative prowess. Podcasting is a pathway to this powerful combination. “Learning to Podcast” is a game-changer, not only for aspiring podcasters but for individuals seeking to enhance their employability across diverse industries.

The Rise of Podcasting in the Digital Age

Podcasting has transcended its niche origins and become a mainstream form of communication. This surge in popularity is not limited to entertainment; businesses, educators and professionals are recognizing the potential of podcasts as a versatile tool for reaching and engaging audiences. The skills required to produce a successful show, consistency, creativity, technical expertise, storytelling and empathy are transferable across a range of industries. From marketing positions, to communications to disability and aged care sectors, these skills matter.

Communication Skills: A Cornerstone of Employability

Effective communication is a cornerstone of professional success. Podcasting, by its nature, requires the development and refinement of communication skills. “Learning to Podcast”, you’ll articulate ideas clearly, structure narratives and engage listeners effectively. These skills are transferable to a wide array of professions, from marketing and sales to project management and customer service.

Technical Proficiency in the Digital Era

Almost a no brainer but I’ll state it anyway: accessing, using effectively and understanding hardware and software and their underlying principles are all key skills. 

In the age of digital transformation, having a basic understanding of technology is no longer optional but essential. Podcasting courses typically cover the technical aspects of creating and editing audio content, providing participants with hands-on experience using recording and editing tools. This technical proficiency not only enhances employability in roles directly related to podcasting but also positions individuals as tech-savvy candidates across various media. Jumping from audio to video editing is not a huge leap, once the principles are grasped.

Content Creation and Storytelling Expertise

Employers, whether they know it or not, need storytellers in their businesses. Whether selling ideas, products or outcomes, the storytelling model is one of the most effective. If you can master this and with podcasting it comes with the territory, your value as a potential employee skyrockets. You may have to sell this in an interview but “doing” is always the best way to demonstrate.  Remember, podcasting, at its core, is about storytelling. Through a podcasting course, you’ll learn to develop a unique voice, structure content effectively and captivate audiences. These skills are highly transferable and can be applied in roles that involve content creation, marketing, public relations and training.

Adaptability and Problem-Solving Skills

Podcasting is a continuously evolving medium, thanks, google podcasts/youtube music podcasts, demanding adaptability and problem-solving skills. For more on those changes, have a listen to season 8 Bonus episode: RIP Google Podcasts. The point is things change, the basic principles of delivering the spoken word from your mic to a person’s ear doesn’t vary much but the ecosystem this operates in is constantly evolving. Then there’s the technical glitches, content challenges and evolving audience preferences, hurdles podcasters encounter. By learning to navigate these challenges in a podcasting course, you start your journey to develop resilience and the ability to think on your feet—a quality highly prized by employers.

Networking Opportunities

A well crafted podcasting course provides opportunities for collaboration and networking. The JMPS course comes with twelve month access to the community of fellow students and the JMPS to discuss ideas, technical issues and maintain contact with fellow travellers. Podcasting can be an alone journey, not actually lonely but done on your own or with a very small team. It’s handy to have access to others walking the same path. Networking is a critical element in career development, opening doors to job opportunities, partnerships and mentorship, making learning to podcast not just an educational experience but a career catalyst.

Digital Marketing and Audience Engagement

Digital presence is synonymous with brand visibility. Understanding digital marketing is a valuable skill. The JMPS course delves into strategies for promoting and growing podcasts, providing insights into audience engagement, social media promotion and analytics. These skills are applicable in a variety of roles. Any employer who doesn’t have a digital presence and is not checking their own analytics is either an employer silently screaming for help or one on the way out of business. You are needed and your transferable podcasting skills can make the difference!

Confidence and Public Speaking Skills

Speaking confidently in public is a skill that transcends the podcasting realm. The process of recording and presenting content to an audience, contributes to the development of strong public speaking skills. The process of learning to and then creating a podcast brings forward your individual voice. Finding your voice is a seminal moment in any life. Whether it be in the written or the spoken word it frees the speaker to deliver their message in a meaningful and powerful manner. These skills are highly sought and are, clearly, transferable from the mic to presentations, client interactions and team leadership.

Demonstration of Initiative and Passion

Learning to Podcast is more than just acquiring technical skills; it demonstrates initiative and passion for personal and professional development. It shows a depth of commitment to a medium of expression. Employers value candidates who actively seek opportunities to enhance their skill set and learning to podcast is a tangible representation of this commitment.

Elevating Employability through Podcasting

Adaptability and a diverse skill set are non-negotiable for many employers. Learning to podcast is a transformative step towards enhanced employability. Beyond the technical aspects, podcasting cultivates communication skills, digital proficiency and a creative mindset. As the podcasting landscape continues to evolve, individuals equipped with podcasting skills will find themselves not only more employable but also well-positioned to thrive in the digital age.

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