S12E7: Dreamer to Podcaster!!! 

Dreamer to Podcaster!!! 

By Jon Moore (jmps.au)

A little about me

40 years of meditation practice

Over those 40 years I’ve Developed a certain level of discernment.

I’m able to see what’s necessary

and what’s not

40 years of meditation Practice

Podcasting since 2016

1000s of episodes

Producer of Kin Advocacy’s:

Disability Sunflower Stories

2017-2018 Podcasting Teacher at Sydney Community College

Producer of:

Podcasting Pathways for 

Disability Services


“Flying Starts”



hit the runway.

2 big, hairy



people back



Myth Number 1

The Myth: Doesn’t Everyone Already Have A Podcast????

Aren’t there just tooooo many?

All the great niches are taken.


Let me explain….

Total Podcast RSS Feeds:

3,000,000 ish

320,000 ACTIVE


Why Indeed??? That’s a Very Good Question!

There’s A Few Reasons:


Podcasting Takes Effort 

Misunderstanding Podcasting!

Podcasting is NOT radio on the web

  • Podfading
    • The show starts
    • Trailer
    • Episode 1, 2, 3…
    • Maybe 7, 8
    • Then, Nothing


Podcasting takes effort!

  • It is rarely a get rich quick scheme
  • It is a creative process
  • Promotion takes time
  • It is NOT radio on the web

Let’s Start with # 1! 

It is rarely a get rich quick scheme

Podcasting it turns out is ideal

for building connections 

between the host and individual listeners. 

It builds intimacy 

This takes time!

But with time


A Body of Work


Brand Recognition

Let’s Start with the first 3!

  • It is rarely a get rich quick scheme
  • It is a creative process
  • Promotion takes time

What they all have in common is:

Let’s Start with the first 3!

What they all have in common is:

  • A time commitment
  • An intellectual commitment
  • The Learning of New Skills

Let’s Start with the first 3!

They Are All Commitments

The Thing Is:

A creative commitment in a medium you love

is not a chore but a labour of love

Let’s Start with the first 3!

Once you decide,

you’re half way there.

The creative joy,

the problem solving,

and “The Why?”

with a good system results in:


Now for Reason Number 4:

Podcasting is NOT radio on the web!

This next explanation is crucial to understanding Podcasting


setting yourself up for success in the medium

Radio is Broadcasting

Podcasting Is The Exact Opposite: Narrowcasting!


You Say?

What’s That???


Is Finding A Like Minded Body of Listeners


Serving Them Content They’ll Love

  • You Find Your Niche
  • Focus Your Content on That Niche
  • And Nothing Else!

Everything You Publish Should Be Relevant To Your Niche

There are Infinite Niches

Maybe Not Infinite But At Least As Many Niches As There Are Podcasters

Let’s Take A Disability Service As An Example

Why A Disability Service?

  • That’s one niche I know
  • It’s not True Crime
  • It’s not Crypto

Which are legitimate niches, I’m showing you something different

What Would A Podcast For A Disability Service Look Like?

To Start Off: Why Would They Have One?

Reasons A Disability Service Could Have A Podcast

1~ Find New Clients 

2~ Find New Staff 

3~ Branding Exercise 

4~ Keeping Parents/Guardians In The Loop 

5~ Proof Of Outcomes For Funding Bodies

What Resources Would Be Available?

1~ Clients Stories

2~ Staff/Client Partnerships

3~ Innovative Programs

4~ NDIS Knowledge

5~ Access To Expertise

Combining These Elements

A Ten Episode Season On:

A Client’s Plan To Learn Yoga

  • Selling The Idea To a Carer
  • Jointly Selling the Idea to Management
  • Finding A Yoga Teacher
  • Negotiating Yoga Positions
  • The First Class

And other episodes would follow, you get the gist.

There Are Some

Technical Issues


These are Solvable

And You’ll Have

  • An Example Of How Your Service Works
  • A Permanent Record For Sales and Marketing Purposes
  • A Delighted Client Meeting Their Goals

But How Could A Service Do This???

Out Source


Better Yet

Train Up One Of Their People

JMPS Group Coaching Program

Scan The QR Code for more info

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this is called foreshadowing.

A Storytelling Tool!

So you see,

There’s not that many Podcasts out there.

Pick a niche,

Serve the niche,

Create Great Content!


And Myth Number 2?

The Tech is just too complicated!

I need an audio engineer!

I need an FM radio studio!

Do you, though???

Past to the Future

What’s the point?

  • You’re NOT producing music
  • You’re NOT Hollywood
  • You ARE producing in .mp3
  • You ARE focusing on voice
  • You ARE thinking of your listeners

The Point Is:

Clarity in your listener’s ears 

Just enough tech 

Drop the clutter of music production 

Complexity equals complications

One Cable One Mic Which USB port?

When Things Go Wrong?

Unplug, replug! Replace the cable Or Mic

  • 40 years of meditation
  • Equals discernment
  • Spotting the unnecessary
  • Identifying the essential
  • One Cable, One mic, one USB

The JMPS Podcasting Philosophy

Just enough is more than enough

The JMPS Podcasting Philosophy

Too much is just too much!!!

Just enough REALLY is more than enough

Those 40 Years of Meditation Practice

Underpin My Podcasting Philosophy:

Podcasting Can Seem Really Complicated

I’ve Managed To


it for YOU

From The Doing,

Since 2016


1000s of Episodes




JMPS Process!

The JMPS Process

Takes Four Steps

For Every, Single Podcast

Pre Launch

Recording and Editing

Post Production and Publishing



There’s Plenty To Master 

To Go 

From the Four Steps To People’s Ears

That’s Where The JMPS System Takes YOU From Dreamer to Podcaster

The Benefits of Being a Podcaster

Transferable Skills 

Discover your Voice 

Public Speaking Skills 

Content Creation Skills 

Production Skills 

Storytelling with purpose! 

Improved Communication Skills 

Your Confidence Will Skyrocket

With those benefits in mind

And the four steps: 





How Do You Transform Into A Podcaster?

There’s a few ways to learn:

  • DIY
  • Take a course
  • Take a coaching plan
  • Outsource it All

There’s a few ways to learn:

  • DIY


  • Only costs time


  • Takes quite some time
  • Buying the wrong gear
  • So many different approaches
  • Which one fits YOU?

There’s a few ways to learn:

  1. Online Courses


  • Variable costs
  • Some support


  • 90% of online courses go unfinished
  • Is the material up to date?
  • Which one best fits YOU?

There’s a few ways to learn:

  1. Coaching Plans


  • Fixed cost
  • Ongoing support
  • Community of peers
  • Working with a human
  • Accountability


  • Can have fixed schedule +/-
  • Which one best fits YOU?

There’s a few ways to learn:

  1. Outsource it all


  • Fixed cost
  • All Done For YOU
  • Accountability


  • A Larger Financial Investment

Here’s a Surprise! 

JMPS offers two options! 

Complete Done For You Service 

A Six Month Group Coaching Program

How Is This Delivered???

Option 1: Complete Done For You Service 

email me: jon@jmps.au

The JMPS Program Promise

On completion of the Program:

After Six Months

JMPS Group Coaching Program

you will have

one 10 episode season live


all the knowledge

to create

ongoing seasons

You’ll be:

Set Up For Success

How Is This Delivered???

Option 2: 

A Six Month Group Coaching 



Six Month Group Coaching Process 

Weekly Group Calls 

Library Of Modules 



$997/month (+ GST if you’re in Aus) 

For the five foundation members

Just: $697/month (+ GST if you’re in Aus) A 30 Day Full Refund Guarantee



Scan the QR Code


the foreshadowing


to reach the application form

Go To: jmps.au/application-2/


For the five foundation members



Thanks for watching,

Speak soon!