Getting the Balance Right

With a business, the urge to promote can overwhelm the desire to tell the story. This is understandable, especially if the only other contact with the newer media is in the form of advertising. In social media advertising, the need to stop the scroll is the first task, it must grab people’s attention. In podcasting, the aim is to entertain, inform, educate and connect to build connection over time.

Podcasting is a longer form of communication than a Facebook ad. Once the idea that your people are your best assets, staff and clients, then their stories become the best form of advertising on Earth.

Constantly pointing out that your organisation is sponsoring or producing the podcast will turn listeners away as effectively as the repetitive mattress and razor advertisements do on other shows. 

By keeping the organisation as subtly involved as possible. “I’m Mary Smith, this is my story.” As an intro it presents the main character, has listeners asking themselves: “What’s Mary’s story?” and allows for the introduction of support workers, outside professionals and family as they become a part of Mary’s story. The work done by your staff in listening to Mary, advocating for her with other characters and assisting in Mary reaching her goal in her story, all point to the quality of your service without having that quality trumpeted without evidence.

The name of your podcast would provide a clue or a direct statement about your service. Our People Speak! An XYZ Disability Service Production would cover all the branding you need. 

The outro of each episode could be along the lines of:

And that’s Mary’s Story. To learn more about Mary and people like her follow the links in the show notes or head to the website,

By letting the story tell of the processes, procedures, support and creativity of your staff, you are selling these things without being smarmy or salesy. People remember stories much more readily than advertising gimmicks. Show your professionalism and belief in your service by letting your people speak and in the speaking they will spread the word.

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