Recording in the Field ~ Actual Examples Part 3

Welcome to this episode of the JM Podcasting Services Show! This intro is being recorded on the Zoom F2-BT because I don’t think I gave this little lapel mic the best opportunity to shine. Maybe a touch of the Dunning-Kruggers, maybe. Anyway I’ve delved deeply into the world of lapel mics and I think you can see this device really does shine, when used properly.

Over the past two episodes, we’ve explored the Zoom F2-BT, the Zoom H2n, the smartphone and the Rode NT-USB mini microphones for field recordings and in a controlled space. This episode and I think this will be the last in the series, will cover the Zoom Q2n 4K recorder. I should just mention that the only financial relationship I have with Zoom is they take my cash and I receive their stuff. That out of the way, the model name is a bit of a clue. Q2n 4K. The 4K refers to the highest level of video this device will record. That’s right folks, it’s a video and audio recorder. There’s pics in the show notes over at JM Podcasting Services for this episode at this link: showing the F2, the H2n, the Q2n and the Rode NT-USb mini and as a bonus pic, the Rode videomic me to give you some idea of the size of this powerful little devices.

So far in this episode I’ve been using the Q2n. It can be used without the video, as I am now. The video option covers a wide field of view choices and has a preset focus so there’s one less thing to go wrong. Not ideal for the video tech types but it works really well for what it does. It can also serve as a webcam with much greater clarity than most inbuilt cameras, especially on my MacBook Air but I do have a face made for audio so it’s not that big an issue.

And we’re back into the controlled space with my NT-USB mini. As I mentioned last episode, there are many, perhaps too many, options when it comes to gathering tape for a podcast. And yes I am aware we don’t use magnetic tape anymore but come with me. As an absolute last resort in a situation where you just have to collect audio most of us will have our phones. Getting into the habit of carrying something like the Zoom H2n with you is good practice. Unfortunately, maybe, the collection of sound can become addictive. I was strolling through a township one sunny Spring afternoon with the H2n on record to discover the old lady sitting at the bus stop was singing in the most beautiful voice and so quietly I would have missed it walking along with earbuds in and on. Keep your ears open, listen to your people, they are telling stories every day. Stories that highlight their efforts, their challenges, their lived experiences. Stories worth the telling.

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