Different Podcast Formats Part 2

Let’s continue with our look at some of the different podcast formats, shall we?

Formats 1 to 4 have been covered here.

  1. The Solo Show
  2. The Interview
  3. Panel/Roundtable Show
  4. The Co-Host/Conversational/Ramble and Rant Show

Now to the next four possibilities:

  1. True Story


Material is available.

Content can be easily created.

Bit of a “thing” at the moment.


Can be subject to libel.

Editing and interviewing can be complicated.

Flavour of the month can change.

  1. Story


This is THE human characteristic.

Scope for creativity.

Can be done solo or with a team.


Can easily be done poorly.

Is not an automantic skill.

Requires greater planning and coordination skills.

  1. Audio from other sources


Content already created.

Can be a synergistic process.

The group effect~the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Possible copyright vioations.

Finding sources and gaining permissions can take a lot of time.

Collages can feel clunky and forced.

  1. All of the above.


Using a combination of styles to best match the content.

No rules ~ this is podcasting ~ we make our own rules.

A story’s many levels can be revealed with skill.


Can be an “all over the place” experience for the listener.

Listeners, as most humans, find consistency comforting.

The show can be directionless.


  • Think carefully about your circumstances.
  • Do you have the time to create constently?
  • Why are you using a particular format?
  • Does the format allow you tell your story?
  • What will the listener experience be?