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Hosting on Gdrive?!? Hosting on your own site? – Don’t!

Costs are a killer to any enterprise yet some costs provide more benefits than the resources they consume. Quite often when we start a new hobby/business we are trying to keep costs to an absolute minimum. This can lead to less than optimal choices. I’ve done it and I know others who have too. Hosting is the area where most people try to save a few bob.

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Changing Style and Re-branding

There may come a time when a change in style is a thing you wish to accomplish. The question is how?

This depends upon a few things. Have you tried the new style/format already? In which case your listeners have had a taste of what’s on its way. Did you receive feedback on those newer style episodes from your listeners? Assuming the feedback was positive, the change may well be justified. If you’re changing because it makes your life easier, then you need to do a little bit of pre-selling. Simple things like adding a co-host, don’t need too much pre-selling. Jumping from a formal audio essay style to a stream of consciousness, improv style may just require a little more effort to bring your listeners with you. Continue reading →