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Gear From Simple to Complex and Back!

This is a topic I’ve delved into before and it has been on my mind lately. As some of you may know I’ve been on the move since the 9th of April this year (2018) from the Blue Mountains, NSW to New Zealand, USA, East Cork, Ireland, UK, West Cork, Ireland, USA, Kerry, Ireland, Sydney, Old Bar, Sydney, NSW and finally Highclere, Tasmania. It has been a year of learning and of culling down to the bare minimum. This has applied to “stuff” as well as attitudes. Continue reading →

Creating your recording space.

This is a topic I’ve covered before but it continually comes up in discussion so here we go again.

In the past twelve months I’ve recorded in, at least 13 different locations as we’ve been on the move. This has been instructive. I have an instinctive knowledge of what will and won’t work with my voice, the Zoom H2n and my production workflow. There have been times when it has not gone well and days when uploading to my host has been challenging but, on the whole, it has been a great learning experience. Continue reading →