Working with a Co-Host.

A good co-host can create a great show. A bad one is abysmal.

Perhaps the first thing to ask yourself is: Do I need a co-host? Most shows do not. Monologue and interview shows are quite feasible without one. Where two or more people add value to the listener is when the extra voice brings nuance and depths to the show.

The usual way for co-hosts to find one another is in the planning, pre-launch stages of the process.

If you advertise for a co-host, do some due diligence, remember your show is your show.

Setting boundaries is a thing to be considered.

Questions to ask:

  1. Will the co-host just be part of the show?
  2. Will the co-host be editing, producing, publishing?
  3. What roles will each host be performing?
    1. Who submits to Apple Podcasts and can therefore pull the plug on the whole show?
    2. Is there an “anchor”?
    3. Is there a straight man and a comic?
    4. Will both hosts be interviewing guests?
    5. Will each co-host interview a different person each week?
  4. What’s the exit strategy?
    1. Is money involved?
    2. What if the show changes direction?
    3. Are you prepared to shut the show down if the differences are that great?

If you’re going down the co-host road think carefully about what you want from your co-host and your podcast. Make sure they are both pointing in the same direction.