What if they don’t like me

This is a mindset issue. Do I have the expertise? Am I good enough? Will anyone want to hear me?

As it turns out, “YES” you do have the right expertise, for your listeners. No matter the niche, if you’ve picked it, it’s because you know something. Be it cake decorating or quantum physics or massage for horses, you will know something. Now if the niche you picked is based upon experience, your take on the subject will be of use, of value to some listeners.

Am I good enough? This is a big one for many people. It can be disguised as things like: “But I don’t have experience in the tech? I don’t know the medium. I will be caught out by others who are much more experienced than me. In reality, these things are jus processes. If someone knows more than you about a topic, they will not be in your ideal listener description.

As an aside, the medium of podcasting is a collegiate one. People are generally happy to help. I’ve listened to history shows where the producer made an error. Usually placing two people in history with the same name in the wrong context. I didn’t know but some listeners did and emailed the producer. Corrections were made in a later episode and we all learned something. I have never received a derogatory updates from listeners and I am unaware of anyone who has. Because your listeners love your stuff, they will inevitably be polite.

Lastly, will any want to listen to me? Yes, yes they will. You will only discover who these listeners are by producing and publishing your show. I know this seems self evident but as I mentioned in the post: Nothing Matters If You Don’t Start, it took me twelve months to finally publish. Early stats were not that great but there wasn’t just the sound of crickets and tumble weed. Some people listened who were not family and friends. The numbers have increased over time, as they do with podcasting.

The best and only way to reach your listeners is… to publish. I covered the workflow of a monologue episode in this post here. It is a breakdown of the steps you can follow. Remember the process is this: record, publish, repeat. That way you will find your listeners. They are out there.


  • You are good enough
  • You know things of value to others
  • Record, publish, repeat