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Creating your recording space.

This is a topic I’ve covered before but it continually comes up in discussion so here we go again.

In the past twelve months I’ve recorded in, at least 13 different locations as we’ve been on the move. This has been instructive. I have an instinctive knowledge of what will and won’t work with my voice, the Zoom H2n and my production workflow. There have been times when it has not gone well and days when uploading to my host has been challenging but, on the whole, it has been a great learning experience. Continue reading →

What gear do you really need?

Oh this topic causes more “discussion” than just about any other in the podcasting sphere. That being said, these are my recommendations. Feel free to disagree, argue and contact me.(Insert smiley face here).

What gear you need depends upon what you are doing. A solo producer doing monologues will need a different setup from a vox populi specialist out in the streets. Or would they??? Hmm. I’ll get to that. Continue reading →