S11 E3: Rallying The Troops


Employee engagement is a linchpin for success. Progressive Disability Services are recognizing the transformative potential of an in-house podcast as a powerful channel for sharing crucial information. From departmental updates to organisational milestones, the dynamic nature of audio has the capacity to captivate attention and foster a level of engagement that traditional written communication often finds challenging. In this blog post, we will delve into the impact an in-house podcast can have on enhancing employee engagement, exploring how it becomes the driving force behind a thriving organisational ecosystem.

Significance of Engaged Employees

A Cornerstone for Thriving Organisations: 

Engaged employees drive a thriving disability service. Their commitment, enthusiasm and active participation contribute to improved morale, a great workplace culture and positive outcomes for clients. Recognizing the importance of employee engagement, organisations seeking an effective communication channel that resonates with the diverse needs and preferences of their workforce are turning to the in-house podcast model.

The Challenge of Traditional Communication: 

Traditional written communication, while it has its place, often struggles to capture the attention and interest of employees. Lengthy emails or static newsletters cannot convey emotional depth the way the human voice can. Traditional communication channels, email, video and in person lead to reduced engagement and a potential disconnect between leadership and the staff. This is where the dynamic nature of in-house audio content steps in as a game-changer.

Dynamic Nature of Audio Content

Captivating Attention Through Sound:

An in-house podcast harnesses the power of the human voice to captivate attention in ways that written communication just cannot. The human brain is wired to respond to auditory stimuli and a well-produced podcast evokes emotions, creates a memorable impact and ensures that the message lingers in the minds of listeners. This  aspect is particularly beneficial for delivering important information that requires attention and understanding. It is the medium for leading change within an organisation. 

Convenience and Accessibility: 

The nature of audio content extends beyond its ability to captivate, it also offers unmatched convenience and accessibility. Staff can engage with audio updates while multitasking, whether during commutes, workouts or daily tasks. This flexibility ensures that crucial information is not only delivered in an accessible manner but also in a format that seamlessly integrates into the diverse routines of individuals.

Putting People Into Communication: 

Audio content adds a human touch to organisational communication. The warmth and authenticity conveyed through the spoken word contributes to a more authentic connection between leadership and staff. The voice reveals more than its words. It puts on display the personality, the drives and the passions of the speaker in a way an email just cannot. This humanising effect fosters a sense of transparency and approachability, breaking down barriers, creating an environment where employees feel more connected to the organisation’s vision and mission.

Updates and Milestones


An in-house podcast is an invaluable tool for sharing organisational updates. Whether it’s conveying changes in policies, introducing new projects or recognizing the achievements of a team, audio content adds a layer of depth and context that may be challenging to achieve through written communication alone. This is also a chance for service users/clients to become part of the private rss feed, giving their reactions to changes, outcomes and personal victories. A conversational tone enhances understanding and ensures that important details are not lost in translation. 


Celebrating organisational milestones is a cause for collective pride and shared success. An in-house podcast transforms the acknowledgment of milestones into memorable experiences, spreads the word quickly and gives voice to those who have achieved above and beyond. Whether it’s commemorating years of service, highlighting achievements or sharing the vision for the future, the dynamic nature of audio content adds a celebratory flair that resonates with employees, fostering a sense of pride and belonging.

Implementation Strategies 

Consistent Episodes: 

Establishing a consistent publishing routine ensures a consistent flow of content. Podcast episodes can feature leadership messages, interviews with team members, discussions on relevant topics and client wins. This regularity fosters anticipation among listeners, creating a sense of continuity and the understanding that your service is different and better than other employers. With an in-house podcast you demonstrate your commitment to change, to appropriate technology and an understanding that many staff just don’t have the time to sit and watch videos or do more than skim emails. Audio can be consumed “on the go” as it were without the time cost of video. 

Interactive AMA Sessions:

Incorporating interactive elements into audio content, such as AMA sessions, adds a useful dimension. Employees submit questions and leadership addresses them in the audio format. This not only encourages participation but also ensures that employees’ concerns and curiosities are directly addressed, creating a more inclusive communication platform. This is also a great way to predict possible issues before they become a full blown crisis and provide information across the organisation rapidly.

Storytelling for Impact:

Harnessing the power of storytelling is a potent strategy for creating impactful audio content. Sharing success stories, personal experiences and/or narratives that align with organisational values creates a powerful connection with the audience. In this case the audience is your people. Stories evoke emotions and make information more likely to be retained, contributing to a heightened level of engagement.

Measuring Impact and Continuous Improvement

Employee Feedback Mechanisms:

Implementing mechanisms for employee feedback is crucial for assessing the impact of an in-house podcast. Surveys, feedback forms or interactive sessions where employees can share their thoughts contribute to a continuous feedback loop. Understanding what’s impacting staff allows organisations to tailor future content for maximum impact. This can refer to either topics covered or narrative style.

Analysing Listening Analytics:

Leveraging analytics tools to track listening patterns and engagement metrics provides valuable insights. Analysing data on the number of listens, average listening duration and popular content topics helps organisations understand which types of content are most effective. It also assists in the educational phase when staff are being first introduced to the idea of an in-house podcast. Once this stage is complete, pre-interview episodes and a dedicated on-boarding season allow new employees to get up to speed with the organisation’s vision, mission and way of being.

Conclusion: Elevating Engagement Through The Human Voice

An in-house podcast is not just as a communication tool but an underutilised tool to elevate employee engagement to new heights. By harnessing the power of the voice, ensuring convenience and accessibility through thoughtful organisational communication, an in-house podcast becomes a catalyst for fostering a thriving organisation making a difference in the lives of your clients.

The next episode in season 11 is about resilient responses in a crisis.  

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