Podcast Vs Blog

~ You’re not sure how to best make your mark on the world?

~ I like and I’m great at writing but podcasting? It seems like a thing but I hate my voice?

~ Why? No don’t answer, we all have trouble to start with. I’m assuming you mean your podcast voice not your writing voice.

This then is the issue: People will hear us either in writing or in audio. Discovering your written voice only takes, maybe, a million words. Writing for others to read is a skillset often underestimated. Writing for the web is a more nuanced version of the same skillset. Not only do you need to write for people to read, you need to write for Google so your words will be placed before your readers.

Doing the google thing while still maintaining the readability for the humans is a niched down skill. It takes time to develop. And there are lots of people out there blogging, cause how hard can it be to throw a few words together once a week?

Something like 152 million blogs are loose in the wild. That’s a lot of blogs. Finding an unoccupied niche is problematic. It is doable but you’ll need to find sub sub niches.

By contrast 400,000 podcasts is Apple’s figure. Of those, maybe 25,000 have produced an episode in the last twelve months. There is space for you in the podcasting world.

Despite the impression of podcasts being everywhere, so long as you enter the sphere with a clear head, a plan and a passion, you’ll be ok. Too many people start a podcast expecting to retire within the month. It can happen but that’s a statistical outlier.

Realise you will need to be in the game for the long run and you’ll be fine. Building an audience takes time but that’s true for blogs too. With improvements each episode, no matter how small, your show will be better at the end of your first year than it was at the beginning.


  • 152,000,000 Blogs
  • 400,000 podcasts
  • Think about where you want to deliver your effort.