Nothing Happens ‘Til You Start

The hardest part of being a painter, I’m told, is making the first mark on a blank canvas. Until then the possibilities are endless, infinite even but without the first mark there is no art. Well there might be but that’s a completely different philosophy podcast!

I too am guilty as charged. From conception to actual publication of episode 1 took a mere 12 months. I know, my head hangs in shame. The idea was and still is a great one, 293 episodes in and one name change later, it’s still going strong. It’s called ChangeUnderground.

So what was going on? I contacted a friend on Facebook who was about to start her show The Organic Gardener Podcast, for some technical info. Where to host? What will it cost? And that sort of thing. Then Jackie decided my two year old blog, World Organic News, which was the original name of the podcast, would qualify me as a guest on her show.

It was fun but the technical stuff and, of course, the great fear, ‘Would I have enough material to put out a show every week?’ kept me frozen from action. Unlike many of my students, I was not concerned with how different my voice sounded in audio as opposed to in my head. I’d been recording myself since I was twelve when my Uncle gave me a reel to reel tape recorder for Christmas 1973. So one less reason to not start.

Why did I actually start? A friend and now co-host on RegenEarth, Rich sent me a link for Zencastr or something similar and off I went. I found the Opinion podcasting app. This is a great tool to start off with for a single voice show. It records through the iPhone, allows basic editing and then moves the file for post production processing through Auphonic. More on the Opinion app here.

There are as many reasons for not starting as there are services contemplating podcasting. In the end, if you don’t make the actual decision and take action, your podcast will be a great idea without a home. Add in Murphy’s law and another service will claim the space.

It is only in the doing that you will get it done. I know that seems self evident and sometimes we need to hear it that bluntly. Your service’s voice matters, you have listeners out there waiting for your vision, (Even if they don’t know it yet!) and your service may depend upon getting published.

Explaining how podcasting changes the podcaster to someone who hasn’t started is a bit like a frog trying to explain dry land to tadpoles. It can’t be explained, it can only be experienced. Hit me up on Linkedin or email and let’s get your service podcasting!



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