Podcast Planning: Pre-Launch

Remember the six “P”s: Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Planning can cover a multitude of sins. From the minute by minute to the it’s all in my head variations the best system sits, probably, somewhere in the middle.

There are different plans for different stages of the podcast journey.

The comprehensive pre-launch process developed by JM Podcasting Services allows for an easy transition from idea to first episode. Having launched several of my own and performed the pre-launch process for upwards of fifty podcasts, the process is well honed and effective.

The pre-launch sets the tone for your show. It’s completed with the best available information and intent at the time. It is, though, subject to change at any time. This is your service’s Podcast, it can be whatever you want it to be. 

As discussed in another post, planning makes a seasonal show so much easier to produce. It also gives the show a powerful direction and purpose. Planning though can go even deeper.

Planning for the first quarter’s episodes may well lead onto a full year plan of episodes. You could launch the first season as a ten episode dump, Netflix style, or simply release on a weekly basis. I have cautioned against the 10 episode dump elsewhere but only for the beginner. The evidence appears to be that the tenth episode receives the most downloads and the others drop off precipitously.

But if your season has a story to tell, this Netflix approach does work. You could then follow this in three weeks time with a once a week, ten episode season and so on. 

The worry for first timers is the expectations. First results are rarely stratigraphic. Sure, 10,000 downloads an episode would be great but is not usual. Podcasting is a long term game. It’s about allowing your listeners to get to know, like and trust you and your service. 

Using all your socials to promote your service’s new venture, especially if you’re including clients, and why wouldn’t you, would make for great good news stories. Local press releases to highlight this would also make sense. But the number one way podcasts grow in listenership is through word of mouth. This makes your email list like gold. Assuming you’re already using your email list to keep parents/guardians, donors, staff and other supporters in the loop, announcing your service’s new venture through this channel is likely to have the greatest results, pre-launch. 

Once you start publishing, ending each episode with a call for listeners to tell their friends about it is the quickest way to grow your numbers. Don’t believe the rate and review calls. Apple put out a statement last month saying they use new and increasing numbers of subscribers as their only metric for rating shows on Apple Podcasts. This is Apple, quirkily independent, not Amazon nor Yelp nor anyone else.

Planning makes your show coherent, not overplanning makes it flexible and responsive.

If you’re ready to start your service’s podcasting journey, hit me up on Linkedin or email me. Links in the show notes.

Until next time.