Division of Labour

Who’d have thought year 12 economic theory would play an integral role in our lives? Yet here we are, specialists in a growing world of complexity.

There’s more than enough information running free on the interwebs to show us how to build or create just about anything. The question is: Do we do everything ourselves or outsource the more specialised parts?

When we look at the processes involved in podcasting, this question becomes a more focused one.

So let’s do that.

A podcast workflow will help. I’ll assume you’ve already been through the “start up” phase and have your show name, artwork, apple ID, a host and some gear. For more on the gear see this link: Gear From Simple to Complex and Back! For choosing a host, click here: Which Host & Why?.

With all that in place, the process, at its simplest, is: obtain audio, edit audio, polish audio, publish to host.

The skillset for each of these tasks are separate. 

Obtaining Audio is probably the easiest part of the process. This is where a disability service’s staff have a huge advantage. Longer term connections with clients, understandings of each client’s communication style and above all, trust from the clients make the task easier. Some training might be required around collecting usable audio and this is fairly straightforward. JM Podcasting Services provides a short video and/or one on one coaching for this process.

Developing a theme prior to collecting audio can help direct any interaction but equally people never cease to amaze once they open up. Everyone and I do mean everyone has a story. Some have held onto their story for too long, some will never tell them but we can give everyone an opportunity to speak.

Editing and polishing audio is a skillset unlikely to be held in house by most organisations. This where a professional outside provider can reduce friction in the process. Working with the organisation’s lead, a good podcast producer will create podcast episodes that reflect the ethos of the organisation, the aim of the podcast outreach and the personalities of the clients and staff.

Publishing is a thing that could be done in house, it’s not that complicated but is a natural extension of the editing process so either way.

If you need help to start yopur organisation’s podcasting journey contact me as per below.

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