Control and Ownership of Your Pod

Who actually owns your podcast content???

Wait, what? I know my own stuff, surely?

Well, yes and in some cases, no.

This is where, surprisingly, terms and conditions matter. The terms and conditions offered by your podcast host. It is well established now that Anchor owns everything you put on their platform as, it would appear, does everyone else on that platform. So you could publish there and discover, five, ten years or two minutes later that either Anchor or someone they have a contract with or another podcast producer on Anchor can legally start publishing your content as theirs! Imagine that. Turns out free doesn’t quite mean free after all.

Soundcloud while less than a perfect host does not claim ownership of your content and neither do any other reputable hosts. Think carefully before you start distributing your material through just anyone.

Otherwise the general rule of thumb is that if you create it, you own it.