This refers to a whole host of things. Timings, style, voice, niche, purpose and direction to get you started.

We humans are creatures of habit. From time to time we like to break routines but only at our own discretion. It is for this reason, a weekly show is best delivered at the same time on the same day of the week, every time. This is not always possible and people will be forgiving with the odd episode arriving a little late or even early. What really annoys people is a weekly show that comes out on any day of the week. If the content is good enough, people will deal with it but why put individuals through this? And, yes, while they may show up as a number, each download of your show/s is an individual.

The same applies to the style of your show. An interview a week is an interview show. A monologue show is, well you get the picture. Now maybe your style is to produce something different every week. Occasionally, again, a change of style is a legitimate use of your show time and does not disrespect the listeners. Changing styles is a thing. As your show develops it may well lead you in other directions. This is not a problem. Take your listeners with you. Communication is the key to both changes and the medium itself.

Voice is an esoteric thing. Voice covers not just tone, projection, volume and so on but the intent behind your words. The passion you display for your show and its field. A false voice, in a niche chosen for income purposes rather than passion is obvious to the listener. Passion may well come as you grow into the niche but it will take time. During that time your “voice” will betray your lack of passion. Again, it all takes time.

Niches are an area that confuse some people. They are simply the people for whom you have decided to provide content. There’s a huge number of words written on defining your ideal listener. For most of us that ideal person is us. We started our podcasts because no one else was producing a show just like ours and that’s what we wanted to hear. How many people are out there “just like me”? Who knows? This is Adam Smith’s unseen hand of the market at work. The people who need to hear us will find us. Usually through word of mouth, very occasionally through New and Noteworthy on Apple Podcasts.

As an aside, a show on which I was a co-host, back in the day, Real Food Chain, received the New and Noteworthy bump. We had a huge spike in downloads for a couple of days. The material did not suit most people clicking through so they didn’t subscribe nor did they return. While being in New and Noteworthy is a bit a buzz it doesn’t do much for your numbers unless you appeal to those who are searching there. Word of mouth is far more powerful. Please bare this in mind.

Chopping and changing your niche will just frustrate listeners. A show on giant tree frogs one week and one on Hittite Kings the next will likely not make sense to listeners unless you can create a theme to your disparate stories. Doable but not the easiest way to go.

Think, think and then think again about your listeners!



  • Consistency of publication
  • Consistency of style
  • Consistency of voice
  • Consistency of niche
  • Just be consistent!