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External Recording Devices

Why not just record straight into your audio editor? It saves time, it’s there, right there in front of you on Audacity or Garageband or even Hindenburg. This is great, on one level, but…

Ah there’s always a but! But then you have but one version of your recording. Does this not make you feel a little uneasy? What if, and I hate the phrase, “What if?” but what if the file is corrupted? What if your laptop fried itself? Continue reading →


This refers to a whole host of things. Timings, style, voice, niche, purpose and direction to get you started.

We humans are creatures of habit. From time to time we like to break routines but only at our own discretion. It is for this reason, a weekly show is best delivered at the same time on the same day of the week, every time. This is not always possible and people will be forgiving with the odd episode arriving a little late or even early. What really annoys people is a weekly show that comes out on any day of the week. If the content is good enough, people will deal with it but why put individuals through this? And, yes, while they may show up as a number, each download of your show/s is an individual. Continue reading →