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Show Notes

This is an area that confuses many and is done well by few. The show notes you write depends upon what your podcast is for.

If your podcast is a passion project and your only presence online, that is you don’t have an associated website, Facebook page/group, instagram or pinterest accounts then your show notes really don’t need to be too detailed. If your show is part of a larger ecosystem then they probably should to be a little more detailed. Continue reading →

Batch production?

This comes up from time to time when I’m discussing workflow with my students. The questions to consider are similar to the ones discussed in the how many episodes to launch with post: here.

Batch production, just so we’re all on the same page, is the process of recording, post producing and scheduling a number a episodes in one go. So a daily meditation show could batch produce a week’s work on Friday and schedule them daily for the next week. Continue reading →

The First Three Hours of Content.

Beginnings are as important as endings, to quote from Dune by Frank Herbert. If you’re like most of the podcasting world, your first three hours of content will not be as slick as your later work.

The worry about the tech tends to overshadow everything else. Do not let this stop you from publishing. You can only get better by doing and by doing so live. Continue reading →