When is the Right Time to Start Another Podcast

The big problem with producing a podcast is its addictiveness. It turns out there are more podcasts ideas than there are people on earth to either produce or listen to them.

Be careful. There is a minimum amount of time a single podcast will consume. As we start others that minimum time seems to grow, somehow.

But to the question: When to start another podcast?

There are two schools of thought on this. One holds that until your current podcast is a success you should concentrate all your efforts on that show. The other school is more like  Mao Ze Dung’s quote: “Let a thousand flowers bloom.”

It depends, as ever, on why? If your first podcast is to drive a brand, a business idea or some such process then I’d stay with the one until it does what you intended it to do. Focus and drive towards success would be my suggestion. This would probably mean other channels of content. A supporting blog, facebook live videos, a Youtube channel or even Instagram or Pinterest accounts could be part of the mix depending upon what you’re ultimately attempting to sell.

If your podcast is a passion project, and they all are deep down, then adding another one, two or three is no problem. Success is defined by the podcaster. Sometimes you just need to get stuff of your chest. I have a small account where I experiment with sound and ideas called Sound Collages. I publish there and cull over time. I’m gathering a portfolio of soundscapes and, eventually, audio documentaries that I’m excited to have online. It doesn’t take away from PodThoughts or World Organic News so I have it as a podcast.

If you feel the creative urge to be involved in more podcasts than just your primary show, co-hosting can be an option.

I co-host with Rich Bowden on two shows, The Real Food Chain and Permaculture Plus. Now the thing with these is, Rich does all the editing and post production. I add my voice and thoughts to each episode but the “podcasting” part is handled by Rich. There is work involved but compared to World Organic News and PodThoughts, it is a relatively easy process, for me. We both get value from the process so it works. This might be an idea if you’re looking to expand your podcasting voice.


  • It’s your space! Publish what you want!
  • If your Show is for business, maybe focus on just one show to drive sales.
  • If your Shows are passion driven, do as many as you want. 
  • Think about being a co-host!