What could an episode look like?

Now here’s a big question! What indeed would an episode look like? 

The most accurate answer is the frustrating one: It depends. 

It depends upon what you decided your show was for and about. Say you’re telling the story of your people as they are today. An episode could be constructed of a message from leadership, be that CEO, the head of People, Culture and Capability or  the Manager Service Delivery. This could be followed with a segment on a client who has recently achieved a planned goal, or someone who has just bought a puppy or kitten. This could involve the client, their parents/guardian if appropriate and the staff who work with the client. This could cover the protocols set in place to ensure the client is safe, the animal is well cared for and everyone benefits from the extra life in the house. 

Depending upon length, a final segment from a staff member discussing how they assisted a client to solve a problem. I know of staff who planned, trained and executed a plan to fulfil a client’s dream of skydiving. Maybe a bit extreme but one hell of a story.

Alternatively, depending upon the capacity of your clients, the whole show could be client driven and filled. From short stories they’ve written all the way through to radio plays. 

Now we know life happens and part of life is death. I, like everyone else in the sector, have lost clients. Sometimes after a life long illness, sometimes suddenly. An entire episode to honour the life would be a legitimate use of the podcast feed. 

Really there are no limits. But I would say there are some guidelines I would suggest. Why are you podcasting? Probably to establish your service as an authority in the sector, a place where people love to come for service and employment. Taking that as a starting point, the purpose and direction of each episode would almost, almost, write itself. 

This is especially so if you run a seasonal podcast with ten episodes per season. This sort of story arc is a much easier task than trying to decide on 52 episodes at once and planning the year out. Things happen, as we have seen over the past few years that are beyond our control. Seasons allow you to pivot quickly to meet new demands and needs upon your people and your organisation. 

Flexibility is the key to good service anyway so why not reflect that in your podcast? Simples.

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