This is a tough one and it comes down to personal decisions. I’ve been through this from two perspectives, a re-branding of a feed and a possible re-branding which ultimately became a second show.

What happened in both cases was a need to change direction. The feed was intact, we had listeners. Do we risk alienating them by changing the direction of the show, even it’s name and artwork? OR do we use that feed to drive those listeners to the new show?

In one case I decided on the former and in the other case a pair of shows I  co-host on it was decided to start a new feed, show and artwork.

I re-branded because the feed was there, it was important to me to keep the show slug and the listeners in that feed. It is an ancillary show where I perform audio experiments, develop my documentary telling skills and so on but which was not reflecting well upon the website it was connected to. A new name, new artwork and hopefully some of the old listeners. More importantly a better fit with the website, this website.

The new show option was one it took Rich and I some few days of back and forthing until he decided ton the new show. The older show and the newer are his babies so I was supplying info and opinion but the decision was always going to be his. The two shows: The Real Food Chain and Permaculture Plus are related, in a way RFC comes out on the 1st of each month and PP on the 15th, links here and here. You will notice that both shows have the same artwork. We use the RFC to feed into PP. So PP the primary focus.

Both solutions seemed to have worked for what we doing in both cases.




  • Re-branding is an option
  • Call it re-launching if that helps
  • You can change names and artwork or just relaunch
  • A new show my be a better option ~ your choice.