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  • Understand the processes and standards for pre-launch materials
  • Have the skills to contruct podcast episode and season plans
  • Understand and use microphones, mic technique and how to gather audio
  • Be a competant audio editor
  • Understand how the audio file reaches your listener's ears
  • Sound understanding of podcast promotion techniques
Gather Sound Edit Sound Publish Publicise
  1. Script
  2. Interview
  3. Mic Choices
  4. Studio Setup
  1. Top and Tail
  2. Ums and Ahhs/Coughs
  3. Levels
  4. EQ
  5. Noise Reduction
  6. Compression
  1. .mp3
  2. Mono
  3. Bitrate
  4. Loudness target
  1. rss
  2. Distribution
  3. Youtube?
  4. Socials

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