Personal Branding

In some sense, this is the default setting for podcasting. Your voice, your words, your passion are all expressed through the medium.

Even if you only run interview episodes, you are revealing yourself through your questions. Listeners will know if you did your research or not. There is very little space to hide in podcasting. This is a great thing and, as I said above, means personal branding is almost the default setting for podcasting. Continue reading “Personal Branding”

Seasons, Continual Feed and Coming To The End.

What are you attempting to do with your podcast? Do you deliver value each and every episode? Will your listeners understand if you let them know you’re ending the show?

This is the sort thing that comes up after a few months of podcasting. The tech stuff is generally in hand by then. Indeed the stress levels are generally much lower after three months in the space. It is at about this time that content, the continual creation of content can become a question. Continue reading “Seasons, Continual Feed and Coming To The End.”