Finding Your Content

Podcasts have become a popular medium for individuals and organisations to share information, stories and experiences with a wide audience. For disability service providers, podcasts offer an opportunity to educate, advocate and connect with people with disabilities, their families and potential staff. However, finding content for a disability service podcast can be challenging, as it requires a balance of expertise, creativity and sensitivity to the needs and perspectives of different audiences.

Here are some strategies that a disability service can use to find content for their podcast:

Identify the goals and objectives of the podcast

Before starting any podcast, it is important to clarify the goals and objectives of the podcast. This will help to guide the content selection process and ensure that the podcast stays focused and relevant. For example, a disability service might want to create a podcast that educates people about disability rights and inclusion, shares personal stories of people with disabilities, provides tips and strategies for living with a disability, or highlights innovative programs and services for people with disabilities. Indeed, any of these ideas would be ideal for a ten episode season. Seasons allow organisations to dive deeply into their people and tell their stories more fully.

Consult with experts and stakeholders

One of the best ways to find content for a disability service podcast is to consult with experts and stakeholders in the disability community. This may include other disability service providers – a collaborative approach, disability rights advocates, disability researchers, disability policy makers and what should be the first port of call, people with disabilities themselves. These individuals can provide valuable insights into the needs, interests and perspectives of the disability community, as well as identify emerging trends and issues that are relevant to the podcast’s goals and objectives.

Use social media and online fora

Social media and online fora are powerful tools for finding content for a disability service podcast. By following disability-related hashtags, groups and pages on social media, podcast producers can stay up-to-date on current events, news and discussions related to disability issues. Online fora such as Reddit, Quora and Facebook groups also provide a wealth of information and perspectives from people with disabilities and their families. The NDIS is another source of inspiration with research, stories and opportunities for finding content.

Repurpose existing content

Another way to find podcast content is to repurpose existing alternative media resources. This may include articles, blog posts, videos and webinars that have already been created by your service or other organisations. By repurposing existing content, the podcast producer can save time and resources while still providing valuable information and insights to their audience.

Feature guest speakers

Featuring guest speakers is a great way to bring fresh perspectives and expertise to the podcast. Guest speakers may include people with disabilities and their family members, disability service providers and/or disability rights advocates. By featuring a diverse range of guest speakers, the podcast can provide a well-rounded and inclusive perspective on disability issues. Remember though each guest should remain focused on the theme for that season or episode. 

Highlight success stories

Sharing success stories of people with disabilities is an effective way to inspire and motivate listeners. Success stories may include stories of people who have overcome challenges and achieved their goals, stories of people who have made significant contributions to their communities or society or stories of people who have benefited from disability services and supports.

Create original content

Creating original content is perhaps the most challenging but also the most rewarding way to find content. Original content may include interviews with people living with a disability, disability experts, informative segments on disability-related topics or even and this is an exciting area that’s under explored creative works such as audio dramas, written, performed and recorded by service users/staff working together. By creating original content, the podcast producer can showcase their expertise, creativity and commitment to serving the disability community.

Finding content for a disability service podcast requires a mix of research, creativity and collaboration. By identifying the goals and objectives of the podcast, consulting with experts and stakeholders, using social media and online forums, repurposing existing content, featuring guest speakers, highlighting success stories and creating original content, a disability service can create a podcast that informs, inspires and connects with its audience.