Finding Content

The eternal search for stuff to talk about is not as hard as it would, at first, seem!

This was one of the things that held me back from starting World Organic News for about three months. This was while I was publishing posts daily on the blog. That’s correct, I was publishing content daily, in the written word but I was worried about having enough to talk about once a week in a podcast. From the beginning I produced an audio essay and the blog posts and occasional news item have been the triggers for these scripts and episodes. The answer was sitting in front of me!

There are many ways to find content.

An interview show can be more problematic to begin with.

“Please come on my new show.”

“Sure, where can I hear other episodes so I understand the style and tone?”

“Umm, you’ll be my first episode.”

“Call me when you’ve done a dozen.” Click.

This self talk can be destructive. People are generally happy to talk about themselves and the things that excite them. Just ask.

When you’re in the pre-launch stage of your show, I would recommend having half a dozen or so interviews ‘in the can’. One a week or four a day for one day a month and then batch edit and process and schedule would be a great workflow. Just keep up a schedule to maintain the shows in advance. That way if there’s a weather event and the power goes down or guests cancel at the last minute, you still have reserve shows up your sleeve.

History shows are easy, as far as content goes. Sources may be thin, depending upon the era but the content is pretty much there awaiting your interpretation and delivery.

Roundtables, two hosts chatting, all these pretty much create themselves. You can find starting points for discussion everywhere. Google, Google News and even Facebook memes can be sources of inspiration.

We live in an ever expanding world of information. You will never run out of content. Finding inspiration can be an issue, sometimes, but rarely. Your show is about your passion. Just get on with it!


  • Worry about content is another reason not to start.
  • What else are you doing that offers content ideas?
  • Have a few interviews up your sleeve to fill any gaps.
  • Think creatively to find new content ideas.