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Starting – small is ok!

As I mentioned in a previous post, starting is the key to podcasting. You don’t have to produce a three hour crystal clear episode with all the bells and whistles. Indeed, it is probably better not so do.

If you look at Mike Duncan’s History of Rome he started off with a couple of 11 minute episodes. As he got into his stride, episodes became longer but he started small. That means, for this post, he started. Continue reading →

Hosting on Gdrive?!? Hosting on your own site? – Don’t!

Costs are a killer to any enterprise yet some costs provide more benefits than the resources they consume. Quite often when we start a new hobby/business we are trying to keep costs to an absolute minimum. This can lead to less than optimal choices. I’ve done it and I know others who have too. Hosting is the area where most people try to save a few bob.

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Nothing matters if you don’t start!

Hands up! Guilty as charged. From conception to actual publication of episode 1 took a mere 12 months. I know, my head hangs in shame. The idea was and still is a great one, 159 episodes in and still going strong. I’m talking about World Organic News.

So what was going on? I contacted a friend on Facebook who was about to start her show The Organic Gardener Podcast, for some technical info. Where to host? What will it cost? And that sort of thing. Then Jackie decided my two year old blog, World Organic News would qualify me as a guest on her show. Continue reading →

Basic Mic Instructions

The world of microphones can be as esoteric as Oldsmobile tail light designs from the 1940s. Those that care, really care. Those that don’t, don’t.

I see a microphone as one of a few tools I need to publish my podcast episodes. Along with a recording space, an audio editor and Auphonic, I use a digital audio recorder as my mic. I love the Zoom H2n. But for all it’s wonderful characteristics, it’s still just a fancy mic. Continue reading →