But There’s Too Many Podcasts!!

The last stats I heard had the total number of podcasts out in the wild at around 2.5 million. That seems a daunting number and so it might be but stay with me. In 2017 according to Optinmonster, there are 500 million blogs. I don’t see people stopping that particular form of content creation.

But let’s unpack that 2.5 million figure. Of those, 500,000 are considered active but active means one episode in the last 30 days.

As I’ve discussed in another episode, the directories are clogged with “podcasts” from Anchor.com with one to three or four episodes from back in the early pandemic days. They had a sweetheart deal with Apple and it’s going to take some time to clear this rubbish from directories across the interwebs. But for you, this is good news. Any podcast that’s consistent, regular and relevant, will rise up the directory searches. There’s far more space for the aspiring podcast producer than there is for a new blog.

The medium is rising in recognition. From only those in the know, to the majority of the population having, at least, heard the word to over 50% of the population becoming weekly listeners. There is some much space available, it is not dissimilar to a land boom.

But, and this is important, each piece of territory is a walled garden. In the jargon of the space, each garden is called a niche or niche if you’re living between Mexico and Canada. These niches link directly to a topic area. Once upon a time there were not many podcasts in the “True Crime” niche but that’s exploded in a whole genre.

The disability niche, which even a cursory search will reveal, is wide open for organisations to set the standard in the niche. Lots of individuals in the space but of services, I could find none. 

Now is the time to stake your claim in the podcasting world. The first in, or near enough, has the space to themselves. Imagine being the only voice out there. The possibilities are endless. I’m more excited by this than I expected. A vacant lot to build your edifice upon. The opportunity is simply a once in a lifetime set of circumstances. In every medium, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, podcasting, there’s a window of opportunity. In podcasting, for disability services, the window is open. For how long will it stay so? Who knows? Grasp the nettle, Grab your leadership and drag them, kicking and screaming, if necessary, into this amazing opportunity.  If you’re ready, DM me on Linkedin link in the show notes or email me jon@mrjonmoore.com also in the show notes.



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