Who Is Our Audience?

 Here’s the thing with podcasting that really throws the new entrant. The tighter you define your audience and speak directly to them, the more likely your podcast is to be successful.

“But everyone on the planet will want to hear what I have to say!” I hear you scream at your screen.

Fear not, we’ve all, or nearly all of us, been there.

Podcasting is a different beast. Yes, some shows will appeal to a wide audience. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History springs to mind. Over a million downloads in 24 hours after each episode is released. We can all dream.

For the rest of us mere mortals, the reality is different.

Because there are a few options out there for each area of interest, niche, if you like, it is the voice and tone of the podcast producer that makes the difference for listeners. This is why your podcast must reflect the values and ethos of your organisation.

There may come a time when one of your competitors has a podcast too. What will separate you from them? Obviously you will have longevity and freshness because you started early and use a seasonal approach to publishing which continually reinvigorates your show. But… it is through your voice and tone your organisation’s values are expressed. These are reinforced in the clients you service, the staff you employ and people who lead. With all these pointing in  the same direction, mostly, your podcast will act as a magnet for your ideal clients, staff and leaders.

Not everyone will resonate with you. Welcome to life, so to speak, but you will resonate with those of the same worldview. It’s a simple rule of humanity. Birds of a feather and so on. The idea of the podcast is to express your values and find the people who feel an affinity. 

Equally people tend to listen to more than one podcast in their areas of interest. This is also your organisation’s chance to shine. Stay focused on your mission as expressed through your vision and your values.

I like history. I listen to seven or eight different history podcasts, all of them on one particular theme. The US Civil War, History of England, History of English and so on. I do not listen to more general history podcasts because too often they cover areas of little or no interest to me. They are, for want of a better expression, all over the shop. Your shopfront, your podcast is your way of bringing the right people in through the front door. Even if they window shop for months or even years by just listening. I don’t think I can push that analogy any farther.

So, sit down and write out to whom it is you are speaking. Your type of show, monologue, interview, roundtable really doesn’t matter, having an idea of to whom you’re speaking makes crafting your show easier.


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