Show Preparation, Week after Week.

This is a variation on the idea of episode workflows. I covered this for a solo monologue show back in May (Click here). To give a brief recap:

  1. Gather material.
  2. Write script.
  3. Record audio.
  4. Edit audio.
  5. Post production.
  6. Publish
  7. Repeat next week.

This refers, obviously to a weekly show. If other cycles are used, substitute as required.

The seven steps above cover the preparations/workflows required for any show. Steps 1 & 2 can be different. A “live to drive” episode/show may not need a script. Bullet points or a really good memory may be enough.

I act as a co-host on two shows produced by Rich Bowden: The Real Food Chain & Permaculture Plus. Steps 1 & 2 in this case revolves around an interview and then a discussion, Rich knocks up a rough script giving direction to the show but we are both free to go off into the weeds, down rabbit holes and so on. This works well and might be an idea for you to use.

Sometimes just organising an interview will cover all you need. The point is to follow either these steps or some you’ve developed yourself. By using a checklist/routine you won’t miss the obvious. Twice I read an entire script “into” my Zoom H2n only to discover I’d forgotten to hit “record”. I always use a checklist nowadays.

Going to the homepage (Click here)  of this blog will get you access to free checklists, just saying.



  • Your type of show defines your workflow.
  • Plan, plan and execute.
  • Use checklists!!!
  • Record, publish, Repeat!!!