S12E4: Learning to Host?

Those first moments, face to face with a mic, can be both terrifying and liberating. Listening back to your voice for the first time can be equally confronting.

Let’s get the second part of that out of the way. Deal with it. It turns out we are just hearing ourselves as the rest of the world has been hearing us since sounds first issued from our mouths. We who record ourselves have the privilege of knowing how we are heard by others. If you want to be a podcaster, and really, who doesn’t, we must move past this first major obstacle.

From Technical Woes to Hosting Prowess:

Microphone presence and engaging delivery require more than just reading from a script. It’s why we were forced to read aloud at school and put feeling and passion into our delivery. Learning to do this in front of a mic is not dissimilar. Learning to do this in the supportive, constructive environment of a group coaching program takes you beyond the basics.

A good group coaching program will provide training in:

  • Voice modulation and diction: Learn to project your voice effectively, vary your pace and tone and enunciate clearly for professional-sounding audio. Let you explore the differences between sitting and standing as you master your voice.
  • Interviewing skills: Develop the art of asking open-ended questions, actively listening and drawing out fascinating insights from your guests. Learning to listen to, not just hear your guest is a skill you learn in podcasting and take with you through the rest of your life.
  • Storytelling techniques: Discover how to craft compelling narratives, hook your listeners from the start and leave them wanting more is a good start for storytelling skills but there is so much more to cover. From the 7 basic story types to variations within these to putting it all together, a good group coaching program will spend time on this. 
  • Editing magic: Learn how to identify and remove filler words, add sound effects (and maybe some music) for impact and polish your recordings for a seamless listening experience. Editing begins with words whether you’re a fully scripted episode or using bullet points to cover the highlights of your episode as free wheel around them, having the words right to start with is the basis of good audio. 

Beyond the Technical Tools:

Developing your hosting skills goes beyond just the “how-to.” Group coaching fosters essential soft skills that make you a truly engaging host:

  • Building rapport: Connect with your audience on a personal level, creating a sense of community and warmth. From this comes the authority your show carries.
  • Confidence and authenticity: Overcoming stage fright, embracing your unique voice and radiating confidence are all part of the process of becoming a podcaster. This is what shines through the microphone.
  • Active listening: Truly engaging with your guests and audience, responding authentically and fostering meaningful conversations is as much an art as it is a science but there are, not rules so much as, rules of thumb.
  • Adaptability and improvisation: Be prepared to handle unexpected moments, technical glitches and audience interactions is part of the game. Indeed it is one of the fun parts, after crisis has passed.
  • Content creation: This is where a good coach shines. Directing but not doing, letting the members find their own voice, their own styles and their own presence in a gentle, respectful manner within a supportive group. Brainstorming sessions, captivating episode ideas,  effective research and fact checking, all help to craft engaging scripts/outlines that inform and entertain your listeners.

The Power of Community:

The magic of group coaching lies not just in expert guidance but also in the supportive and collaborative environment. Here’s how the community helps you develop your hosting skills:

  • Role-playing and mock interviews: Practise your skills in a safe space, receive constructive feedback from peers and refine your hosting style through real-time practice.
  • Honest feedback and encouragement: Share recordings with your peers, get actionable feedback and celebrate each other’s progress and improvements.
  • Group brainstorming sessions: Collaborate on ideas, learn from diverse perspectives and spark creative solutions for overcoming hosting challenges.
  • Accountability and motivation: Stay on track with your development goals, learn from each other’s experiences and celebrate successes together.

Benefits Beyond the Microphone:

While mastering your hosting skills is crucial, group coaching offers additional benefits that empower your podcasting journey:

  • Confidence and clarity: Knowing you have the skills to articulate your vision will boost your confidence and motivate you to share your voice with the world.
  • Improved content: Your ability to engage your audience will naturally enhance the overall quality and impact of your episodes.
  • Audience engagement: Effective hosting fosters stronger connections with your listeners, building a loyal following, growing your community and adding to your authority within your niche.

Ready to Captivate Your Audience?

Don’t let the microphone intimidate you. Join a group coaching program and experience the magic of:

  • Expert guidance: Learn from experienced coaches who have helped countless aspiring podcasters develop their hosting skills and succeed.
  • Structured learning: Progress through a comprehensive program designed to refine your technical skills and soft qualities.
  • Supportive community: Find your tribe, practise your skills in a safe space and receive encouraging feedback from fellow podcasters.
  • Confidence and growth: Launch your podcast with the skills and charisma to captivate your audience and share your voice with the world.

Unleash your inner podcast host and step into the spotlight with confidence. Find a group coaching program that resonates with you and get ready to develop your skills, connect with your audience and embark on your amazing podcasting journey.

By coincidence JM Podcasting Service just happens to provide a group coaching program for aspiring podcasters. If you’re interested, click on the link in the show notes entitled: From Dreamer to Podcaster.

The next episode in season 12 is about overcoming imposter syndrome!